May 27, 2020


Why reinvent the wheel when it comes time to giving a class for your business, school, or volunteer organization? 

Why keep paper records, or online in an outdated format like excel?

BWISE is here to help you, whether you’re a professional teacher or just someone who has been tabbed to stand-up in front of your friends, your family, your colleagues and be the ‘expert.’

We’ve got a catalogue of courses made by other people just like you.  Courses on all sorts of topics, from engine repair to military tactics to sexual harassment prevention and response.  Everything you can imagine.

Other people have developed those modules.

Other people have put in the time.

Access them now, through BWISE, and you’ll be able to customize and build on the work they’ve done, without having to start from scratch.

And once you’ve given your class, we help you store and manage the data so you can reward those who have taken part, provide certificates, and track progress. 

BWISE is wise:  not just school smart but streets mart.  BWISE makes training easy.


This is a new age for learning and BWISE is yet another tool to support you.

Why force yourself to sit through yet another meeting, when you can go on-line for all the relevant training you need for your job, for advancing your career and certifications, or just for learning new and fun and important skills.

BWISE offers learners of all types access to a wide range of classes that others have developed, professionally or just because they have a love and a skill with a particular topic.  We’ve got courses on all sorts of topics, from engine repair to military tactics to sexual harassment prevents and response.  Everything you can imagine. 

Some of our courses have small fees associated with them, to reimburse the people who have put in time and effort to develop the materials.  Some of them are free.  But all of them allow you to build out your personal portfolio of training so that you can show your employers and colleagues many additional types of value you bring to workplace and life.  Best yet, we hold all those certifications for you so you never lose track!

BWISE  is wise:  not just school smart but street smart.  Get smart with BWISE.

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