July 30, 2020

Do you have a talent or skill you could teach others? Do you want to train others based on your experience and expertise? Are you looking for a way to connect with prospective students AND earn additional income?

BWISE, a knowledge sharing app, is ready and waiting for you.

As classes and education continue to expand to online platforms, more and more learners are looking for opportunities  to continue their training or education. Many of our users are also searching for a safe and convenient way to learn a new skill or craft.

Prior to Covid-19, over 30% of college students were taking online courses.  In the fall of 2018, almost 7 million students were online! It is not just colleges that are taking advantage of the ease and convenience of online teaching, a multitude of other courses are now offered throughout the United States online, through libraries, community organizations and other institutions.

Online courses, such as those offered through BWISE, are a great way for people to take classes that are taught by teachers in their local area. It is a great way for people to learn almost anything and to meet new people with similar interests.

From mechanics, to painting or yoga, to traditional education courses and more, BWISE is a sharing app to connect learners and teachers.

How does it work you ask? 

  • Teachers, you create your class at BWISE.app
  • Approve (or deny) applicants
  • Message your students
  • Your class is marketed on BWISE to your community
  • Class begins and you start sharing your knowledge!

Teachers offer classes based on competencies and passions, and learners choose classes or lessons that have interest to them. While video, and other pre-class reference material may be part of a teachers program, the real intent of BWISE is to have one-on-one face time with the teachers in a face-to-face/workshop atmosphere.

Instructors create their own profile within BWISE, to help prospective students review their credentials and expertise. Teachers also have the ability to upload certificates, letters of recommendations, and portfolio pieces via the App. This not only helps fellow BWISE users learn about each other, it is also an integral part of the BWISE rating system. As students and teachers complete courses together there is a rating requirement for the classes, so students will effectively vet the teachers and teachers will vet the students.

The BWISE app is set up to  facilitate all the communications between students and teachers. You can share documents, discussions, online information, videos and more.

Class duration and related costs are completely up to the individual instructors. Instructors set all parameters of their classes. An instructor who is passionate about a subject can choose to share it with the world and the class could be free.  A course could also require a fee in exchange for  required materials and  finished products.  Course length is also left up the instructors expertise – they know best how long it takes to master a subject. It could be a 5 minute class or a year-long course. There is no limit to what can be offered on BWISE.

Once the class is “full” with the number of students, pre-determined by the instructor, the learning fun begins!

Start teaching today with BWISE!

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