September 4, 2020

BWISE Challenges Your Thoughts On Teaching

BWISE challenges people’s thoughts on conventional education. 

  • Where do we get our education, and how did we best learn it? 
  • What is the best vehicle to bring education to you?
  • Where did you learn more: rebuilding that old car, or sitting in shop class? 
  • Who was your best teacher, and did that person teach you a skill or give you wisdom? 
  • What type of education do you seek? 
  • Do you want to be more skilled?

BWISE offers a platform for firsthand skill sharing. It treats education (skill or knowledge) like a commodity in the free market. Any person can offer a course on BWISE, on any subject they are passionate about or competent at. Determine what your skill is, and you can teach it. Do you know how to repair a clock? How to set up a new home internet system? Pour concrete? Preserve food? Healthcare? Diet? Music? Wrestling? Then you can offer a class.

Your class will be where you choose, when you choose, and how you choose. The teacher sets the parameters of the class: 

  • Time/date
  • Length
  • Cost
  • Prerequisites

You can then describe the learning objectives and set the price. Students will take classes based off: 

  • Needs and wants to learn the skill
  • The cost of the class
  • The experience you can offer

Download BWISE on Google and Apple App stores. Take a look, and consider adding a class.

The first step, after the download is to consider “what can I do?” What can I teach? And what is that worth? 

Once you have determined that, it’s just a matter of determining the details (date, time, etc.) and the material you want to teach and share.

The beauty of BWISE is it offers economic opportunity to teachers. It gives a platform to share your passions and puts you in front of eager minds who want to learn.

That, in turn, gives the students the opportunity to choose their ala carte education. A student can think “I’ll take gardening, canning food, and processing a chicken class this week and perhaps, next a welding class.” It is a free school for free minds, free spirits, and freethinkers.

Get the education you want when you want it.

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