March 6, 2021

BWISE Class: Kawasaki KZ900

The wind in your hair, the feeling of the open road and the associated freedom – all this and more have created many motorcycle enthusiasts. A seasoned rider loves their “ride” but not all of them know how to repair one, especially a classic like the Kawasaki KZ900.

The Kawasaki KZ900 Restoration class is just one of the recent classes added to BWISE, the Knowledge Sharing App.

Instructor and BWISE founder, Eric Beach, was thrilled at the opportunity to teach his students the techniques and methods behind fixing his KZ900. “This bike is a classic, but it has spent the last 20 years stored in a barn. It is extremely dirty and in need of repairs, but I knew it was going to be a great experience to share with others.”

Beach, a motorcycle and education enthusiast, looked to BWISE right away to set up his class.

Starting the KZ900 class on BWISE required only a few steps:

  • Creating and outlining his class format
  • Setting up the time table and cost for the course
  • Finalizing all of his class details on BWISE and letting the app market his class to potential students

BWISE handled all the marketing of the course, the sign-up of his students and any associated course payments. After the class was live on BWISE, the instructor and students were able to communicate with each via the app to iron out any details or questions.

The KZ900’s first four-hour long class included time for the students and instructor to share their knowledge and background, along with detailed discussions on the bike itself.

The class outline included:

  • KZ900 components and maintenance needs
  • Outline of initial and secondary repairs
  • Discussion on cosmetic repairs
  • Discussion of “at home” fixes vs. hiring a certified mechanic
  • Expected outcomes of the project

Through discussion and examples using the bike itself, students were able to determine that the KZ900 needed some extensive work and replacement of a variety of parts such as:

  • Lens cover
  • Battery
  • Front fork and brake seals and fluids
  • Front brake master cylinder seals and fluids
  • Fixing a frozen carb
  • Investigate issues with the throttle

The class reviewed each of these issues, with the instructor showing hand-ons methods to repair or replace different parts. Students were given access to necessary tools and were encouraged to participate in the repair aspect as they felt comfortable.

“We spent time repairing the bike but also had lively conversations on the history of the brand, its value, how it runs and so forth,” shared Beach. “We were so wrapped up in our appreciation of motorcycles and this class project, that time flew by.”

Dates for the second class were tentatively set at the end of this session and will be finalized through communication using BWISE.

“As a class member, I really learned a lot about the different tools needed to get the job done. I thought the class was very informative and helpful. It was very easy to ask questions and get answers, and the hands-on techniques the instructor gave were helpful and very valuable to me.”- Ron, satisfied BWISE K900 Class Student.

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