March 26, 2021

BWISE is a free marketing education content system, created to help students and teachers alike. This intermediary between instructor and student helps to build beneficial relationships and streamline course details and communications.

BWISE is the education platform of the future on which teachers and students will build profiles that showcase their talents and interests. It provides everyday users with the real-world experience and knowledge needed to solve everyday tasks. From learning cooking from local chefs, to restoring old motorcycles and even organizing cadet classes, BWISE is available for anyone.

Our instructors are able to transfer their knowledge to the next generations and capitalize on it at the same time. Teachers will be able to offer classes, set their rates and fees schedule, and enter into contracts with individual students. Students will be able to browse, apply for, and attend offered courses which they will pay for and rate. Teachers and students act as independent contractors on this platform, the platform only acts as a hub to make these connections.

What is even more exciting, in all that BWISE offers, is the application’s new 2021 updates! Plus, new 2021 updates make the BWISE application even more exciting!

Instructors have even more options for scheduling classes with BWISE’s updated calendar. Courses spanning weeks or months now have a concise and detailed calendar available to instructors and students alike. Progress notifications are also available to help keep everyone aligned on the course status.

One popular benefit to BWISE is that instructors AND students provide feedback on each other and the course. This feedback rating allows for honest evaluation of class content, schedules and more – a helpful benefit for future students and instructors alike. With the 2021 updates, BWISE users will be required to rate their experience at the end of each course. This updated communication requirement, along with additional messaging options, means instructors and students will all be “graded” on their overall performance, thus providing useful feedback for future BWISE users.

BWISE is also excited to see new and improved search and filter options! Finding classes of interest couldn’t be easier for potential students!

Just as course offerings, instructors and students are always updating and growing in the education world, so is BWISE.

As this education platform continues to provide teachers and students ways to showcase their talents and interests, the platform is also continuing to improve available options. Here are two exciting new features coming BWISE soon:

  • Updated Google Map options to help users find and locate classes being offered.

  • Updated payment systems! BWISE is adding a Paypal option to help students and teachers organize payments for classes in advance.

Now is the time to streamline your classes, communicate with students more efficiently and even take advantage of free online marketing of your course.

Download and signup for BWISE today from Google Play or the Apple Store.

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