February 8, 2023

55% of enterprise data goes unused. Businesses and entrepreneurs that learn how to leverage knowledge-sharing applications to access their data and information better can expand their customer base and improve their internal decision-making.

We’ll highlight four of the best knowledge-sharing applications available and how you can utilize them to improve your business and reach more customers.

Coworkers Learning Company Policies Through Knowledge Sharing App

What is a Knowledge Sharing App?

A knowledge-sharing application or platform is a collaboration tool and information repository that enables businesses to exchange information with their employees and customers seamlessly. It allows your organization to build a comprehensive internal knowledge base that is searchable and accessible to the entire business. 

By utilizing a knowledge-sharing application, your business can:

  • Preserve knowledge by making it more accessible.
  • Create knowledge by developing new products, services, and solutions.
  • Derive value from knowledge by finding connections to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Share knowledge by creating a centralized place to document and disseminate information.

Why a Knowledge-Sharing App Will Benefit Your Business

Businesses are adopting knowledge-sharing apps for several reasons:

  • Cross-Platform Access: By leveraging a knowledge-sharing app, employees can access the application from multiple devices. This creates flexibility for your employees if they work remotely, travel, or are on different devices at the office.
  • Integration Across Systems: The best knowledge-sharing apps enable your business to connect existing information systems into the application without having to move the information. The app can leverage the existing systems that store valuable documents, data, and content.
  • Reports and Analytics: Knowledge-sharing apps can track various metrics to help you identify knowledge gaps, measure engagement, and track what information is being shared.

Smart Search: By creating a central repository for company information, your employees can search your knowledge bank more efficiently, utilizing the knowledge-sharing app’s smart search capability, labeling, organization, and intuitive design.

Team Collaboration On Knowledge Sharing App

The Best Knowledge-Sharing Apps

Need some recommendations to find the right knowledge-sharing tool for your organization? We’ll highlight the best in the industry:

Best Educational Knowledge Sharing Application: BWISE

BWISE is a decentralized knowledge-sharing application that enables professionals to learn from industry experts and other skilled professionals to gain necessary skills in various disciplines and industries. 

BWISE is also an excellent knowledge-sharing app for entrepreneurs looking to share their ideas and skills with those who want to learn. You can create your own class or knowledge-sharing environment where you can earn money by sharing what you know.

The best part of BWISE is that you can customize the knowledge-sharing environment to meet the needs of your organization or team. Contact BWISE to learn more about our knowledge-sharing application and how you can make it work for you.

Have a skill or knowledge you want to teach others? Get started by downloading the BWISE application.

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Best for Small Enterprises and Teams: Nuclino

Nuclino is a cloud-based, knowledge-sharing platform that provides a centralized location for all your information and data. It enables your teams to organize, share, create, search and manage different information types like video, files, code, etc. It also offers additional third-party applications that can simplify and enable a collaborative environment with a shared knowledge repository.

Nuclino offers three tiered plans, from free to premium. However, most businesses will realize quickly that they’ll need the premium plan for data storage and security controls. You also need to pay for the premium plan for the reports and analytics.

Nuclino is an industry leader with some neat bells and whistles, like their lightweight rich text editor and other collaboration tools. The platform is easy to set up and fairly intuitive. But you may find your business will outgrow the more affordable plans quickly and need to pay for additional third-party apps to create the best solution.

Best AI Smart Search Solution: Bloomfire

Bloomfire is an intuitive knowledge-sharing platform that utilizes AI to increase productivity and collaboration for decentralized workforces. It provides organized and efficient search functionality backed by AI to make information more effective and applicable to enhance decision-making.

Bloomfire’s pricing model is tailored to your organization. At about $25 per user/month, but it can scale by volume and model, it is one of the more expensive options. It does tout unlimited storage, which is valuable to medium to large enterprises.

Bloomfire really shines in its ability to access large silos of information and data and utilize AI for relevant searching. They are also certified and compliant with many industry regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC2. If you need a secure solution that can simplify and navigate these regulatory industries, this may be the solution for you. But you’ll have to pay for it.

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Most Affordable Knowledge-Sharing App: Google Workspace

For businesses that rely on Google applications, Google Workspace is a very affordable knowledge-sharing app that allows teams to share seamlessly across popular Google apps. Because most employees are familiar with Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and Google Docs, it’s easy to implement Google Workspace. 

Google Workspace offers flexible tiered plans that can grow with your business. Their Starter plan is $6 a month/per user for basic knowledge-sharing features. They also offer a Business Plus and Enterprise plan with more storage, security, and management controls.

While Google Workspace is easy to use and very affordable, it isn’t as robust as other knowledge-sharing apps that offer more functionality and collaboration tools. But it does have the bonus of familiarity and a wide selection of collaboration tools, making it a good solution for small businesses that don’t have time to onboard employees with complicated applications.

Want to learn a new skill? Search our list of skills on the BWISE application.

Professional Sharing Skills Via Knowledge Sharing App

Knowledge-Sharing Applications Can Improve Your Business

Whether collaborating with co-workers or designing your own business around your industry expertise, you should utilize a knowledge-sharing application to improve efficiency and decision-making. There are a variety of solutions out there that cater to different size organizations. So choose a solution that offers the right functionality for your company.

At BWISE, we offer a secure knowledge-sharing platform that can create opportunities for your business to expand and reach new audiences and clients. Available on Android and iOS, BWISE can expand how you share your knowledge. Contact us to learn more about how we can boost your business.

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