February 9, 2023

Digital knowledge-sharing applications enable doctors to work smarter. A recent Deloitte report found that digital health apps will drive value-based care and enable 4P medicine that is predictive, preventative, personalized, and participatory. 

While there are many types of medical applications that can improve efficiency and productivity, we’ll focus on knowledge-sharing apps and their implications for medical professionals. Doctors who actively engage with their knowledge-sharing app will provide higher-quality patient care and improve their operational efficiency.

Doctor Accessing Knowledge Sharing App For Treating Patient

What is Knowledge Sharing in Healthcare?

A knowledge-sharing application provides a centralized place for healthcare professionals to share their knowledge and resources with each other and their patients. It allows medical professionals a way to connect, offer insight, share experiences, and create patient plans.

Benefits of Utilizing a Knowledge-Sharing App for Doctors

For doctors, utilizing a knowledge-sharing app can enable them to:

  • Collaborate with other doctors for problems solving
  • Create a peer support network
  • Provide organization learning for staff and internal systems
  • Create a knowledge repository for research and treatment planning
  • Offer outreach and information to patients
  • Provide preventive health tips or plans to improve overall patient wellness
  • Teach wellness classes to patients
  • Teach medical skills, policies, or current regulations to staff and other medical professionals
  • Enable remote medical monitoring and treatment

Ultimately, by leveraging a knowledge-sharing application, doctors can improve their patients’ care quality and improve operational efficiency. Doctors can share their knowledge and learn from others to improve their skill sets and expertise.

Knowledge-Sharing for Doctors Can Empower Doctors to Upskill

Probably the most powerful benefit of utilizing a knowledge-sharing application is its ability to fill the existing knowledge gap by providing a centralized resource for the latest medical knowledge and best practices. Doctors can share and learn from others in their specific fields, increasing their skill level and overall quality of care.

Doctor Treating Child Patient Using The Knowledge Sharing App

How AI is Shaping Knowledge-Sharing Apps for Doctors

A recent study analyzed how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping applications for the healthcare industry. It found that AI-enabled knowledge-sharing applications can augment a medical staff’s ability to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases by tapping into a global knowledge base of cases, best practices, and experience.

AI can improve your ability to search more effectively through a wide dataset, making the information more accurate and accessible. You can now access a wealth of relevant experience and treatment options, making patient care more efficient and effective. The AI can also collect, organize, and analyze all the data to provide the best information in real time. 

On the flip side, AI does present some challenges you should be aware of when utilizing AI-enabled knowledge-sharing apps. You need to ensure the application is: 

  • Compliant with HIPAA regulations
  • Prioritizes the security of patient data
  • Protects data integrity
  • Employs risk management processes for system failures

Have a preventative treatment plan you want to teach your patients? Get started by downloading the BWISE application.

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Best Knowledge-Sharing Apps for Doctors

Best Overall Knowledge Sharing App: Medscape

Medscape is a worldwide database of medical conditions, treatments, and best practices. It has the latest news and educational support for medical professionals. It also helps with medications and dosage prescription calculators that ensure your patient gets the best medication for their condition.

Best Customizable Knowledge Sharing Application: BWISE

BWISE is a knowledge-sharing application that enables medical professionals to learn from other medical experts and other skilled professionals to gain necessary skills in a variety of disciplines. 

Doctors can also create health classes or remote treatment plans for their patients. This is a great way to provide remote care where you can monitor and improve treatment without an in-office visit. Doctors can provide telehealth services for a variety of conditions and treatments to improve value-based care.

The best part of BWISE is that you can customize the knowledge-sharing environment to meet your needs for your medical practice. Contact BWISE to learn more about our knowledge-sharing application and how you can boost patient care and your expertise.

Best Disease Image Library: Visual DX

Visual DX houses over 32,000 images of disease variations to assist doctors with diagnosing rare or atypical conditions. The knowledge base allows you to customize your search based on age, skin type, gender, etc. The app is on the pricier end but can improve your diagnosis and treatment options depending on your specialty.

Best Social Network for Medical Knowledge-Sharing: Doximity

Doximity is a robust knowledge-sharing app that’s certified for HIPAA-compliant information sharing. The app allows medical professionals to connect, share, compare, and collaborate to improve education, skills, and patient treatment. It also has telehealth functionality to improve your remote care of patients while maintaining your privacy and proper accessibility.

Best 3D Anatomic Imaging for Education: Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy pulls knowledge from over 300 global institutions to provide high-quality 3D images of every part of the human body. Doctors can utilize this tool to educate medical staff, patients, and personal skills to improve care and medical education. It provides detailed visuals that can help with treatment and upskilling.

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Doctor Consulting With Patient

Knowledge-Sharing Apps Can Benefit Your Practice

Regardless of your medical specialty, knowledge-sharing apps can improve your skill set, patient care, and the efficiency of your practice. It enables you to provide better value-based care and helps you focus on improving your 4P medicine. Knowledge-sharing apps can also help you administer telemedicine as well as educational and preventive care classes for your patients.

At BWISE, we offer a secure knowledge-sharing platform that can create telehealth and skill-enhancing opportunities for your medical practice, boosting your care quality and availability. The BWISE is available on Android and iOS. Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your practice.

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