February 10, 2023

42% of businesses believe online learning has increased their revenue. For startup businesses, the entire team stretches to wear many hats to get the company off the ground, often requiring accelerated learning of processes, skills, and operations. 

Educational sharing apps are enabling startups to get up to speed quickly by offering relevant courses and micro-learning environments to improve their operations and decision-making. If you’re running a startup company, you’ll want to leverage educational sharing apps to come up to speed quickly.

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What is an Educational Sharing App?

An educational sharing application is a platform that has a huge repository of courses, instructional videos, case studies, and best practices to help business professionals improve their skill sets and learn from industry experts and professionals. 

By utilizing an educational-sharing application, your startup can:

  • Leverage existing knowledge and experience through a more accessible search environment that provides relevant educational skills and learning.
  • Develop new products, services, and solutions by analyzing the existing industry knowledge and learning.
  • Identify better systems, processes, and policies to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Share knowledge to document and disseminate additional learning and experience.

Why Educational Sharing Apps for Startups Are Essential

Forbes identifies three key reasons startup businesses need to leverage educational sharing apps and actively manage the knowledge to ensure the business’s success:

Creating and Promoting a Company Culture of Continual Learning

A company’s culture is integral to its success. Creating an environment that encourages and promotes continual learning, assessment, and improvement is vital to be competitive. You want to capture learning and data from experience and use it to streamline operations and processes. 

By leveraging an educational sharing application, your startup can benefit from assessing, analyzing, and learning from other companies’ successes and failures. This can encourage your employees and managers to create a culture where you are constantly learning to improve.

Stimulates Innovation and Cultural Change

Creating a culture of learning generates the free flow of ideas, innovation, and disruption. You can stimulate cultural change by helping executives and managers be open to new programs, processes, and ideas. 

With an educational sharing app, the startup can tap into the industry’s pain points and bottlenecks, allowing your team to learn and innovate to solve the problems they identify. Skip the pain of learning from experience and leverage the experience from others in your industry.

Enhancing Decision-Making Capabilities

When entrepreneurs first start their businesses, they need all the help they can get. Often, business executives are learning and cutting their teeth on the industry or operational processes because they are wearing many hats. This means consuming lots of information to help them make decisions for the startup. 

By leveraging an educational sharing application, startup executives and managers can simplify this learning process by tapping into a relevant knowledge base that can improve their decision-making capabilities fairly quickly. This shortens their learning curve by leveraging the experience of others. 

Do you have skills you can offer as a course for others? Get started by downloading the BWISE application.

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Diverse Start Up Team Sharing Ideas

The Best Educational-Sharing Apps for Startups

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. We’ll highlight the best educational sharing tools for your startup:

Best Overall Educational Knowledge Sharing Application: BWISE

BWISE is a decentralized knowledge-sharing application that enables professionals to learn from industry experts and other skilled professionals to gain necessary skills in various disciplines and industries. 

BWISE is also an excellent knowledge-sharing app for entrepreneurs looking to share their ideas and skills with those who want to learn. You can create your own class or knowledge-sharing environment where you can earn money by sharing what you know.

The best part of BWISE is that you can customize the knowledge-sharing environment to meet the needs of your organization or team. Contact BWISE to learn more about our knowledge-sharing application and how you can make it work for you.

Largest Business Focused Micro-Learning Platform: LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has over 16,000 expert-led courses to help professionals gain the skills and experience they need to grow their businesses. Courses, videos, and education are set up in easy-to-digest micro-learning segments to make it more accessible and flexible with your schedule. 

LinkedIn Learning offers free and subscription-based micro-learning courses. The largest educational sharing platform, LinkedIn Learning can be a little intimidating to get started. And if you want to share your own courses, it may be more difficult because of the high competition.

Best for Certifying in Specific Skills and Tools: Coursera

Coursera is an educational sharing app that teaches job-relevant, in-demand skills and industry-standard tools. It provides hands-on projects and professional certifications for over 5,400 specific skills and tools that are industry-specific. 

This is particularly helpful for startups that need to gain a wide range of skills to wear different hats during the early years. They offer free and subscription courses for business professionals. Coursera is constantly adding to its knowledge-based but may not have the specific skills you’re looking for if they are more niche.

Need to learn a new process or skill for your startup? Search our list of skills on the BWISE app.

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Educational-Sharing Applications Can Boost Your Startup

Startups need all the help they can get when first breaking into the industry. By leveraging an educational-sharing application, you can improve operational efficiency and decision-making. By encouraging your team to tap into educational-sharing apps, you’ll also create a culture that values continual growth and innovation.

At BWISE, we offer a secure knowledge-sharing platform that can create opportunities for your business to expand and reach new audiences and clients. Available on Android and iOS, BWISE can improve how you share and gain industry knowledge. Contact us to learn more about how we can boost your startup.

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